Coming soon.


Lol ok just kidding. But not really. But really- here are some of the guys coming up in about the order I met them:

The model

Kimball bartender

The dinner club starter

Crescent avenue biker

The actor

The writer

The state trooper

The firefighter (the next day after the state trooper)

The recovering addict

The audio engineer

Leon’s server

The artist

The snowboarder

The photographer

The 39 year old

The basement dancer

The whitest white southern boy

The piercer

The bassist

The spontaneous one

The cook

The Beatle

The landscaper

The thick rimmed glasses

Wheelchair BMW driver

The doctor

The best friend

The young canceller

……and I’m leaving some out. Yes. That’s right. I’ve been on like over 30 first dates in the last 6 months. Blow me.



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