The Christian

TTC is what mom nicknamed him. The first letter is his first name- then “the Christian”- awful right?

I just met him last night on tinder. Gorgeous. Rocker. Perfect taste in music. Actually in a good entertaining band. We texted for hours and hours into 3 am last night talking about music, exchanging performance videos. I don’t even care if we never kiss- I just want to sing with this guy.

He owns and lives in a house in Douglasville. Doesn’t drink. Has his own recording studio. Has a degree in audio engineering. Comes to ATL and scouts indie bands. He excites me. I would love to have some male vocals and harmonies on some songs of mine. I’d love to record one day. I’d love to write one day. I think he could teach me a lot.

Civil Wars, Julia and Angus Stone, Of monsters and men—- can you even imagine all the awesome male female vocal groups I can now start to slaughter with this hot ass singer and guitarist. Yes. Please.

oh and i’m just gonna leave this here…..



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