The set dresser

TSD and I actually started talking last summer. We decided to meet once but he cancelled. I stopped dating. Was on tinder and we got matched in January. He was staying in a hotel dealing with a gas leak in his apartment which brought him to the hospital for like a week. So he wasn’t in any shape to meet so we just talked. Not too often. He’s in film. Like big film. Just wrapped working with Paul Rudd in Antman. He doesn’t name drop ever and isn’t at all phased by celebrities he works with.


We finally decided to meet. Wasn’t sure I’d be attracted to him from his pictures honestly. He’s a cashew. Half Italian Catholic and half Jewish. He did pull off raybans really well. We met at Soba in EAV and he was cute but he really really grew on me the more we talked.

He had never met someone from online before. But I guess I was safe since we had been talking since the freaking summer. He has only been in ATL for like half a year. From LA and has a little California style and swagger in him. Some of the things that really stood out to me from our dinner was that we tried each other’s food, which I love doing, we both admitted to having anxiety disorders and having taken medication for it, we both loved spicy things. He didn’t drink, but after dinner was done I really did want to keep hanging out but what is open still? Just bars. He said he’d share a beer with me at Graveyard.

We sat closer to each other, bar stools, facing each other, playful touching started and teasing. I thought he might like me maybe. I tried to pay for our two rounds while he was in the bathroom, then when I went to the bathroom he had stopped the bartender from swiping my card and took care of it himself. There was also this point when we were talking about the Shaky Knees Festival and I said I’d go but there’s no way I could go because it’s wicked expensive and he said he’d buy me a ticket so we could go. Like- good lord how much do these blockbuster movies pay??

It was crazy cold that night. His goodbyes at my car were quick and we didnt really touch. And I did it- I kissed him first! First guy I’ve done that with since Matt on the staircase in Brickhouse pub five years ago. A couple of quick pecks and we said goodbye smiling.

One of his favorite bands he sent me

Two days later it was Valentine’s day and TSD says hes going to star gaze with friends south of Atlanta but that we should grab lunch. We have an excellent brunch which ends up lasting a couple hours even though he said he couldn’t do a long meal. He put his arm around me a few times while we waiting for our table. It felt comfortable. We talked about how much we loved food and our secret fatties lol He is obsessed with ice cream.

He hugged me as he walked me to my car. When I got in my car I texted him that he should have kissed me. He tells me to come meet him at his car then. It’s a full on like mini van which he calls the rape van lol…..ok. We kiss a couple times, this time more like a French kiss and say goodbye.

We see each other the next night too. Nick Thune at the EARL. We run into some of his friends and coworkers out. Fun people. He is very confident, has his arm around me almost the whole time. Makes fun of my loud laughing. Nick Thune was filming a documentary that night, I found out more about TSD’s anxiety levels. He absolutely hates being on camera. He wouldn’t even approach Nick after the show with me because we were going to be filmed. We went out to eat after that getting some wicked yummy BBQ at The Cookout. He took me back to his van which we drove to eat with and we really start kissing more than ever. We are practically out of seats in like the middle section between the two seats of this van. It was exciting and passionate and lovely.

 Two days later, he comes over to my place. I’m having a shit shit shit day with anxiety but don’t share it. He is simple and easy to hang out with and all my anxiety ceases hanging out with him watching comedy on my couch. He gives me a simple peck goodbye after a few hours. I wanted more.

Two days later, he’s over again. We go grab a bite to eat midday, come back and play ukulele and he has his guitar. We lay in bed and sing Lumineers songs together. He’s picking up the uke really fast. We makeout harder than ever and play around more intimately for the first time. No clothes come off but we both….umm finish. Me- 3 times. Just from outside of clothes touching. Good lord……

He’s moving now out of the gas leak apartment pretty close to where I live. Been pretty busy with that but we talk everyday. On the phone sometimes too which is a rare thing to have these days. He calls me darling and babe comfortably now which makes my heart skip a beat. He talks about one day buying a house, getting two rocking chairs and a dog with a big porch somewhere near Atlanta. Not with me I mean- but he’s just out of that whole party boy Midtown living. That’s refreshing. A grown up.

Maybe would say he’s my number one right now. Shit, I shouldn’t rank them. He’s by far the guy I’ve seen and gone out with the most. The one who consistently texts and/or calls me daily. Makes me laugh, makes me want more but has never pushed it, treats me when we’re out, plays music, is sarcastic as fuck. I even have a picture of him in my phone now cuddling up with my gigantic puppy dog stuffed animal I got from Kroger.

Yes, the corporation of Kroger was my Valentine this year. They asked me.


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