Young Tall (his first same) is what mom has named this Ryan Gosling- esque fellow.


I actually almost no-showed him to hang out with the set dresser last Wednesday. TSD was dragging his feet so much I said fuck it I’m going out. We met at the EARL and he was wearing glasses. He’s….24. Wasn’t fully attracted at first honestly. More of just polite conversation. He’s still getting his undergrad, works on the side for a moving company. Very fit because of that. Has a 12 year old little brother. Who is bigger than him! I mean YTS is 6’4 by the way.

After two beers he really started growing on me. Was very charismatic and confident but also super nerdy. We talked about Game of Thrones, restaurants– we really clicked there, music- he had Alt-J’s CD in his car on.

Yesssssssssssssssssssss (fitzpleasure)


We go to the cookout at like 1am and even the cashier gal asks him about who he looks like and asks if he ever gets Ryan Gosling. We sit in his car playing music for each other for like 45 minutes and he finally kisses me. Hard. Super makeout session. He puts his hand around my neck hard. It was mind blowingly hot. I keep pulling away needing to gasp for air because it’s so good. I finally say goodnight at 4am.

His tail lights out I notice. I’m about to pull onto Moreland and cannot freaking find my phone. Shit……it’s in his fucking car. And there he is pulling onto 1-20. It’s not or never Elexa, catch up with this guy and get his attention or get a new fucking phone. I mean how the hell would I ever get a hold of him? I knew his first and last name. That’s it.


So…..yea……I end up following him ALL THE WAY to his apartment in downtown. Who lives in downtown??? Next to the Coca Cola museum??? Oh yea- undergrads……

I am MORTIFIED. Go up to his car window and surprise him. He finds the phone underneath the passenger seat and teases me that I did it on purpose. He asks me up but I say no….his lesbian friend is couch crashing there for a while anyways.

I’m thinking as I pull away, there’s no way he’s calling. I blew it having to follow him home. He blows my phone up all night and all the next day asking to see me again. Saturday night he comes over to pick me up and I introduce him to my Korean roommate and her bf. I prompted them about how I think and many people think he looks like Ryan Gosling. She says “who???”


When YTS arrives I see that my roommates bf has pulled up a pic of Ryan Gosling and she looks down at it then up at YTS and bursts out laughing. So awkward because I knew exactly what was going on but YTS doesn’t and just tries to put his hand out to introduce himself.

We try going to the Wrecking Bar but the valet is full. We go to Inman Park to Barcelona- we’ve both never been. As we pull up to the valet he asks me if he’s supposed to tip right then or when we leave. awwwwww

There’s a 30 minute wait so we go to the packed bar. It’s already like 9:00 at this point too! We are having to stand pretty close to each other. Our hands keep finding each other’s waists and I have to really look up to keep eye contact with him– which I just love. I don’t know why. Tall guys…..yes……


The wait almost goes an hour. To the point that I go an ask about it with a dash- just a dash of sass- and we get sat immediately because of it. The meal is quite fancy. Like it’s not but it is. Certainly not the cookout. This is where he really starts seeming young. I am totally in charge of this meal. I am asking the server questions, trying multiple wines before deciding on one, making jokes and talking about other restaurants with the server and his trainee. YTS just seems so little all of a sudden. But as the second glass of wine hits we start getting flirtatious even more and laughing and he really wins me over again. We are like the last people at the restaurant. The bill hits $100. I tell him the next rounds on me- at Jack’s. With $1 beers. Ooops.

We go there and I really love that we both are comfortable to enjoying in the same night a white table cloth glass of wine setting and then also a PBR grundgy ass bar. Eventually he comes and sits on my side of the booth and we are holding hands, arms around each other, small kisses. I mean he does NOT mind PDA. But who cares anyways its like 1am at Jack’s and everyone is wasted. We makeout like crazy in his car and I agree to go over to his place. We don’t have sex but almost all of our clothes off. For some reason we get really into like dominant/submissive esque stuff. I guess because of that whole hand around my neck thing the first time we made out….it just blossoms into crazy hot rough play. I guess I shouldn’t share all the details but we freaking both go twice and pass out like maybe at 5 or 6am with his cat and dog joining in the bed.

His apartment he warned me was messy….but good god I didn’t realize how bad till I woke up. I mean this isn’t a “oh i forgot to clean this weekend” type of messy. It’s like a “i haven’t cleaned in a year” type of messy. Oh yea— he’s 24. The bathroom made me want to gag. Trash everywhere. Dog hair everywhere. Pot and empty beer bottles out on the coffee table. Three couches. Wow he’s young. Did he like just discover undergrad lifestyle at 24?


He walks me out and as I drive away…..I’ve left my fucking glasses there. TWO THINGS NOW I’ve left with this guy. He offered to bring them over last night but said he didn’t want to drink or go out. I’d see him again thought. He’s fun and confident. Played every sport there is. Football, basbeball, basketball- something so big and strong and jocky about him. But then he has this surprising indie nerdy side too. I’d love him to be my date at Catfish and Bottlemen next month.


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