Wheelchair BMW driver — The architect

Ok when I was thinking of his code name….I did it all wrong. I feel like a racist or something calling him the wheelchair. Just because he’s in a wheelchair- that’s how I’m going to identify him? I’m such an asshole. No, he is the architect. He’s way more than one physical feature of him.

When the architect and I met on okcupid we spoke for a week and I decided to give him my number. His profile really stood out to me I remember because he was very confident and basically called out girls that would message him out of pity. And his knowledge of nice legit ATL restaurants spot on.

The architect has been every where in ATL that I want to go to eat. He goes to restaurants on the weekend they open. He knows his shit.

After I give him my number he doesn’t use it. I’m thinking oh meh I guess he’s not interested then. But he explains that he will text me when we’ve been talking long enough. Ok- I can do that.

Two weeks later I am running late to Krog Street Market to meet him. It’s raining. He moved where we were going to meet because the first place, although they were accessible, they were not comfortable accessible he explains. I can’t imagine….having to call a restaurant before a first date to ask them about their accessibility? Said it wouldn’t have been good for him to have to squeeze into this small place he had first picked.

He’s cute. Has a gold chain on…meh not my thing- a little guido if you ask me. We get our name on the list at Craft Izakaya and decide to go grab a beer at Hop City. It’s a tall bar you walk up to and they have like 30 drafts. People watch us. It’s different, but I don’t mind it actually. I hold our beers while we try to find a seat. He is really strong actually, constantly using his arms to push himself around.

Dinner was unbelievably Delicious. We laugh a lot. He tells me I’m a hot date. We go back to Hop City after and have another drink even because we are enjoying each other so much. I tell him I want him to show me how he drives his car. So we go out to the parking garage and he has to teach me how to entirely take apart his wheelchair and put it in his BMW trunk so I can sit with him in the passenger seat.

I was actually nervous. What if I fuck this up? He even has a laminated tutorial in the trunk for his friends and family when they do this for him. When he’s alone, he undoes the wheelchair wheels and what not and puts it next to him in the passenger seat. I realize as I’m bending over trying to figure out how it all comes apart that he’s checking me out. I got a huge rush of excitement run through me catching him like that.

He takes me to my car and I realize I don’t have my phone…..do you see a fucking trend of this or is it just me…..when I get out of the car, I go to the trunk and move his wheelchair back to his passenger seat. OK how is our first kiss going to work? I’m not sitting next to him anymore….should I go over to the driver window and lean in? Does he even want to kiss me? He has to.

I go around to the driver side and right before I am going to lean in for the first kiss—I see my phone…..in a puddle next to my car……It has been sitting in that puddle all through dinner, probably fell out of my lap as I got out of my car. Shit.

We laugh about it and he says “you can kiss me now, you know” and I do.

He offers to have me follow him back to my place since I didn’t have my GPS. When I get home, I lean in again and kiss him. We kiss a little longer this time. He wanted to go out longer and try another bar, without my phone and all I don’t know I just wasn’t feeling it.

He asked me out again the next day for that next Wednesday. When I woke up that day I was having an allergic reaction to something or other I ate and my entire face is all puffed up and red, my eyes are swollen shut. I explain and cancel- I think he thought I was blowing him off though.

He adds me on facebook and we chat once or twice more but he kind of fades away. His pictures on his facebook are him at nightclubs with big groups, beautiful girls sitting in his lap. He told me he gets asked a lot by wasted people if he is sexually capable- but not in those terms. More in blunt rude terms. I never asked him after hearing him say that. If he wants to tell me, he will I decided.

I started thinking about him after seeing him post on facebook pictures of new restaurants he was trying like Cokentrice and Illegal Food so I text him and ask if I could twist his arm to try to go to Pallookaville again like we were for our second date. No twisting necessary he says.

We were planning on going out tonight. The snow was supposed to come here yesterday and today so I started thinking we may have to reschedule AGAIN which really may put a nail in the coffin to it all.

Well to pull from another post I’m about to do- I’m out with the set dresser Wednesday after spending the night together for the first time, we have grabbed breakfast, went to IKEA to shop for his new apartment and decide we will get snowed in together- so Publix is next. Our cart is full, we are flirting and touching every once in a while, laughing. He’s a little further down the aisle when I notice a guy in a wheelchair out of the corner of my eye looking at the same things on the shelves as me. It happens in like 3 seconds, but literally I did go through the whole thought process of- well I only know ONE person in a wheelchair– there’s no way the architect is next to me right now, RIGHT? I look over and his name bursts out of me with a surprised smile.


Wow- he looks good. Like really good. He has this full beard now. I tell him I was just going to have texted him about dinner and what not with the weather. Tell him I’m shopping with a friend and gesture towards where the set dresser is but he doesn’t take his eyes off me. We decide to move our dinner to the weekend and we say bye.

The set dresser walks up closer to me and asks who that was. I said well it’s someone I’ve dated. Couldn’t read his reaction really….intrigue? Not jealousy. IDK…

I text the architect later that day and say I was so happy to see him. He tells me that he had actually seen me earlier in the store and was checking me out from behind but didn’t see it was me. Says he loves a girl in boots and a dress. I tell him he looked incredibly handsome to me too and I’m hoping to see him again.


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