The Beatle

Oh the Beatle. Both his first and last name are names of Beatle’s members first and last names. He’s my musical muse in a way. He has turned me onto new singers and bands more than anyone I can remember. We have the exact same taste in music. Catfish and the bottleman, Zella Day, Alex Winston, Banks to name a few—all were because of him. All of those covers on my instagram I sing and play, thanks to him I learned those.

Obsessed with this band now.

Listen to all of this girls songs.


I met him the same day I met him. It was the second time I downloaded tinder to my phone. He was my first match. He said he was going to the EARL to see a show and so I just decided to meet him there.

He’s a weird mix of personalities. He went to Ole Miss and hast these pictures of him looking super fratastic. But then he has these other photos of him looking semi hipster and hip. He’s both a financial accountant and a movie and TV extra here in ATL. So he really pulls off these thick rimmed glasses, Vampire Diaries costumes he’s put in but then he always completely rocks the whole northface jacket look.

We really hit it off that night. After the show we went across the street for another drink and we were comparing how big his hands were compared to mine, and then we just never separated hands. We just kept holding hands there while drinking.

When we started walking back to our cars it started raining. He pushed me hard against my car and kissing me there in the rain. It was like lightning hitting me. We decide to go get in his HUGE car…like really it’s some kind of like escalade or something- ridiculous. The kissing is hard and fast and intense.


When I get home after that we text little naughty things to each other for hours into the morning.

He meets me at Twain’s the next week after work and it’s so comfortable walking up to the door with his arm around me in our big jackets. We tease each other a lot, it’s like a mean flirtation in some ways which is the kind that makes me laugh the most. But then he will slip in these beautiful compliments every once in a while about my eyes or how he’s been wanting to kiss me so much. I tease that he actually is a big sweetheart underneath the whole cool guy prep/also hipster look. He says he is but he’s been too fucked over by girls in his life. Great…..

His pet is a rabbit. His ex’s rabbit. And he loves this rabbit. Yep.

He lives really far out of the city….with his parents….

But with these weird things I’m still wildy attracted to him. He’s so confident and sure of him. He’s handsome and funny and has the best taste in music. I have him over and we go crazy on each other- not even making it to the bed, just on my rug. Not sex- jesus give me a break.

He heads out since it’s a weekday and he has a real job. We text EVERY SINGLE day. I honestly can’t say that about any other guy I’ve hung out with. We exchange music links, flirtations, pictures, complaints about life.

But it’s been three, gosh maybe four weeks since that night at Twain’s. I ask him to hang out, he asks me to hang out and it just hasn’t happened. He’ll work late, I’ll work late, he’s tired…..I have another date…..etc lol

My best friend from high school is in town visiting this weekend and we are out at Argosy last night. The Beatle texts me saying he’s in my neck of the woods and is just not done with work stuff. It’s 9:30pm dang dude that’s a shitty job. I tell him we are in the village at Argosy and well….I get a tap on my shoulder a little after that.


God damnit I forgot how handsome he is in those glasses. What a nice surprise to see him. My friend sweetly allows him to take his seat and we try to catch up a little bit. I tell him I wish he would try harder to see me more often. And that I’ve been seeing other people. He asks how many. I said five. He asks me to describe each of them. Ok…. you asked for it buddy.

Told him about the set dresser, the piercer, the architect, YTS and the arrested father (yes, the arrested father is a new one I’ve never even mentioned on this blog yet)

But honestly- if I remember correctly about when I actually did last see The Beatle, I’ve actually dated many more guys since then than just those five.

I see my friends closing out their tabs but I really don’t want the night to end. But crap wow it’s already after midnight?! Where did the time go?

I walk The Beatle out the car and the sweet compliments start slipping into conversation as we stroll. I tell him again I really do think he is a secret nice guy and doesn’t want to admit it. We sit in the car, knowing my friends are waiting for me. We don’t have enough time……he kisses me. But fucking A, Beatle, you start going under my dress IMMEDIATELY?! I’m like dude put on the brakes for fuck’s sake. He jokes that he couldn’t help it and had been staring all night wanting to do that. We kiss a little more and I run back inside the bar.

We text little nothings to each other all night again….I bug him that he needs to grow up and move into the city already.

I wonder if he’ll make me wait four weeks to see him again.



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