Dick pic apologized

The last thing I heard from the guy who sent me that most recent dick pic was a text saying “you suck,” probably because I never responded to him. Oooooh you burnt me!


Then he asks for my blog link after seeing me mention it on facebook. I warn him that he’s in the blog. He says that’s fine.

What happens next was quite a surprise…………

“Your writing is very interesting. Catchy I must say….and you are absoluetly right, I am an ass.”

surprised meme

“I sincerely apologize for that pic, it was not appropriate.”

“….really that’s not the way to treat a lady or a friend or anybody. Never really looked at it from the opposite perspective…”

“….made me realize how thoughtless and degrading that could be…..I hope you accept my apology because I feel foolish.”


“Please don’t put this in your blog”


Ok ok I asked him permission to at least write a synopsis of this and he agreed. I’m not a total meanie.


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