The set dresser is losing it – part 2

So it was the night before TSD’s birthday and he kind of casually says I can come over if I feel like it. Super casual. But I still stop and get his favorite food- ice cream 🙂 in birthday cake flavor, a bottle of wine that we looked at together to get at Publix last week but it was too pricey- $30 and then a birthday card. And I looked at like 20 birthday cards at least before deciding on the one I just knew would be perfect for him.

He kisses me lots and lots with these cute pecks thanking me and saying I’m the cutest sweetest girl. He says he’s hungry so we order some take out Chinese. While we waited to get it, I lean in for a peck kiss and he just stands there. He says- remember, I don’t like PDA?! Oh yea- that’s why you didn’t move? Umm you’re gonna need to get over that.


When we get back he pours HIMSELF a glass of wine. Not me. He actually kills the bottle. The other bottle I brought- not the nice one. I brought over two. I give him crap about not being a better host and he says something along the lines of “ugh passive agressive women” so I retort “ugh thoughless selfish boys”


We fall asleep without trying either the ice cream or the nice bottle I bought. He has to run quickly in the morning again and says he’ll call me later for the night’s plans. I mean- it’s his birthday! Friends, dinner, drinks of course!

No call.

Around 2am I text him and he doesn’t understand why I’m annoyed. I made NO plans that night. Just waited on him. He says his birthday was lame and he just hung out with a friend at his place. You know what TSD?! It wasn’t lame. A beautiful sweet girl brought you over presents that fit you to a tee and wanted to spend more time with you. Did you forget that!?


He apologizes over and over again. I just…..sigh….he says he’ll call me later today. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just make other plans.


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