The snowboarder is back

Poor guy. Poor me. He’s having a rough time. I really understand that. I’ve been there too.

I texted him on a whim that I wanted to see him. He texts me back that he’s staying really far out of the city dog sitting or he would.



You’re texting me back like that as if we HAVEN’T been playing this game the last two weeks of you fucking ignoring me and ditching me on Valentine’s Day????

We go back and forth the entire night, two phone calls, up till 3am. I feel like shit honestly. The things he’s going through and dealing with compared with my dumb girly “ehh why didn’t you text me back” whiny feelings….I just feel silly. I mean, yes, my feelings are vaild- I understand this. But it just puts it in perspective I guess.


What is it about him? Why do I care? I could just NOT care and move on. But I’m crazy. He ignites something. He’ll be my downfall.



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