Today is the snowboarder’s birthday. And the artist’s. The snowboarder hasn’t responded to me in a day. I offered to be there at midnight when his birthday starts and kiss him to start his new year of life off in a beautiful way.

I wished the artist happy birthday on a text today. We keep saying we will get together but we don’t. Last time I saw him was a couple weeks ago when we went to an estate sale together and bought supplies. I don’t really see any potential there except for a friend. We slept together the first night we met.


I honestly don’t even like his art. It’s too abstract for me. But he eats up vintage things like me. We would ogle at old letters in the basement of this house together. Try on old clothes.

Honestly, I was mean to him that day- by accident. He opened up about something or other and I blurted out that I was surprised he had so much substance because he kind of just seemed like a player party boy. He did not take that well. Duh. Why would someone ever say that to someone? “Oh wow you AREN’T a total dumbass, you have cool interests and things to offer!”


So. Smooth.

But we still talk pretty often through text. We may paint together in the future. He has a cool studio in his attic.

Love is art Hero 1 IIHIH


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