The architect second date – Surprising things out of TSD

Amazing meal with the architect. Fun time. Lots of laughs. Stayed out till 3am together having drinks and then sitting in his car talking before having a couple slow soft little kisses. We opened up about our exes. He asked what it was like working with my ex all the time. I never told him that. I’ve not told any guy I’m seeing that my ex is also my coworker.

He said it was obvious from my facebook. Oops, is it really?


He was really cool about it actually. Told me about his friendship with his ex. It was nice to feel open and ok to talk about that. I’d enjoy seeing him again for sure. But TSD and I….it’s getting borderline serious here.

We keep spending these ENTIRE days and nights together. Shopping, eating, drinking, seeing Atlanta landmarks and treasures. I know that won’t last. Once his next gig starts he will be working like 70 hours a week. What will I think then….will I be patient and wait around for him?

We’ve argued already. I got blackout drunk and said mean shit. He made me leave. We are very sarcastic with each other all of the time but then one of us crosses the line and it’s gets awkward. He is OCD and a germaphobe and ADD and nervous and neurotic.

But he likes me. I mean, I think. He hates PDA and he grabbed me and kissed me the other day in a MALL.

Then this morning I heard him getting up and he let me keep sleeping. When he came back in the room after who knows how long I woke up a little startled and there was drool coming out of my mouth lol he kissed me and took me hand and led me to the kitchen where a full breakfast was waiting for me that he had cooked. Next to it was a CD he burnt of music we had been listening to the night before that I said I liked.


He says that I have it “ass backwards” about how relationships should start. He knows about ALL of my dates. He knows I am intimate with other guys. I told him if he wanted to talk about being exclusive, we can. That I would consider it and most likely agree to see just him. I really think that.

He says that he shouldn’t have to ASK. That if I wanted to just see him, I would prove that with my actions, just like he is. That I would just NOT go out with other guys.

Do I have it backwards?


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