Five first dates-one week-five awesome makeout sessions

For some reason, I have been on a spur of first dates. All pretty great dates. All over 6 hours in length, lots of drinking and fun first kisses. BUT I’m already just not sure if any of these are going anywhere……..maybe I’m just a great first date and then I’m just some random girl these guys text every now and then.

The hot Indian

The Kohl’s guy

The hot Italian

The golfer

The wrestler


So the hot dudes….fuck I’m tellin ya. Hot. Hot. Hot. Just very good looking dudes. BUT when it comes to that though they have VERY high confidence. Doesn’t really seem like these guys want anything but fun.

The hot Indian goes to work out of state M-R every week anyways, so like how is that gonna work? He’s three years younger than me too.

The hot Italian- we did video games at a bar, I’m talking Mortal Kombat, Jurassic Park etc. So freaking fun. AND karaoke at another bar. ANd ate fried artichoke hearts lol

HE was the one who put the brakes on in the makeout. At first I was like, huh ok maybe he’s just not into me. THEN he goes- I like you. I actually really like you. Let’s take this slow.


He was in the army. Has a couple scars. Has traveled the world. Good Italian boy, loves his mother. Has three brothers. Very easy to talk to. I couldn’t get enough.

BUT next day- I don’t hear from him at all……until 5am when I get not one, not two but THREE DICK PICS from him. He’s drunk……bruh.


Ok yea but they were kinda hot pics tho…….


The Kohl’s guy manages a Kohl’s store. He has a son. He was the worst of them all. He took me back to his place and played shitty Goo Goo Dolls on his acoustic guitar and tried pushing it too far in our makeout. When I said I was heading out for the night, we whined SO much about it saying I didn’t actually like him. I mean, it was fun to kiss him but like dude……

OH and he just randomly grabbed one of my boobs as I’m walking out for the night, and goes Oh yea just wanted to see if they were real.


The wrestler isn’t actually a wrestler. He referees local amateur wrestling things. He’s from Atlanta area originally too. I’m talking the fake wrestling, like WWE. At the age of 28. Heehee. But he took me on a great first date. A Braves game! It was a blast. His mom and sister are artists too so he has a great respect for it. We kissed on my front porch. Very sweet.


The golfer was last night. He just moved here like THIS week. But we matched when he was visiting before and apartment shopping. He’s a manager for the caddy department at a golf course in Buckhead. He’s very handsome but I can tell he’s balding already. He also has a tattoo of the Metallica symbol on his chest he told me about that he regrets. Wah wah.

I kissed him first actually. The last guy I did that with was the set dresser. I never kiss first. Not sure what inspired me. He was very funny and sarcastic and we kept doing this thing where we mimicked like the worst people ever on dates. Like “fuck boys” where they like lick their lips when talking or raise their eyebrows lol and then for me it was girls that talk very vocal-fry Kim Kardashian style. He has a redneck side for sure. Grew up on a farm. OH and he’s also that guy where he as showed up to online dates in the past, saw the girl before she saw him, didn’t find her attractive, and walked out and never texted her again. I can’t imagine ever doing that…..maybe I should sometimes though lol



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