The set dresser is back…and then left again…and then came back again

So last month the set dresser started emailing me. Then texting. Then he came over. Then we started dating again. Then he exploded over something. Then he kicked me out of his place and told me “fuck you I’m done.” Then he called me. Now he calls me and keeps me on the phone for 30 minute plus conversations.

I just don’t get him.

I shouldn’t. Why do I even waste ANY breath on a guy who treats me like this. He’s not at all what I want in a partner. He treats me like shit.

He insists now that we were never together now. That we were just “talking.” That is annoying to me. He was so persistent about how wasn’t seeing anyone else and that if I liked him enough, I would want to do the same for him. But we WERENT together now. Huh?

NOW when he calls he just won’t get off the phone. I don’t know what he even wants from me. He says No I don’t want a girlfriend, I don’t have time for a girlfriend, I don’t have time for this shit, I don’t want it.

THEN he tells me he took another girl to a Braves game this weekend. Fuck off.


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