Ok I’m back- and so are all the boys

Lorrrrrrd I guess some of these dudes get bored and just think ok let me text her?

The landscaper

The chef

The hot Indian guy

The sound engineer

The set dresser….UGH

The architect


Oh yea and you know this girl went out with all of them…multiple times. Whyyyyyyyy

The Indian hot guy came over right before Thanksgiving. He sat on my couch for 3 hours and when it got quiet he would say “yea, so what’s new” Umm dude that’s what we’ve been talking about the last three hours, are you even going to make a move?

He finally did at the door after he said he was leaving for 30 minutes. He asked me permission to kiss me which I thought was sweet. So I pulled him back inside to continue kissing.

Then I remembered the dumb thing he did when he came over in June. He just grabbed my boobs. Not in a lead up to it type of sensual thing. Just grabbed them like he was getting a cantaloupe at the farmers market. And he goes, “ooooh boobies.” BOOBIES?


He proceeded to do that and say and use the word boobies once every coupld of minutes. I kept trying to laugh it off. “God your boobies are so big.” “I can’t believe these boobies.” “Man I love these boobies.” How old are we?!?!?!

Roommate said- Mommy issues, babe. Damn he’s prob right.


The sound engineer I hadn’t seen in months either. The last time we hung out, we had hooked up for the first time and he had stormed out a little after I tried getting into his pants. And he did the same thing again this time! Is there something he’s hiding in there that he’s embarrassed about?

Took him THREE dates to finally kiss me. We hung out for six hours plus on each date. I figured, ok he just wants to be friends.

I remember last winter really thinking this was someone that might become something. He consistently touched base with me, would send me pictures throughout the day- funny things, silly selfies. He was someone I could call for last minute hang outs, someone I could just sit around with in his studio and listen to hours of music with or watch funny youtube videos with.

So if he wanted to just be friends, ok cool. But then he did kiss me. But then he got borderline panic attack-y when I tried to return the favor in bed. Haven’t seen him since.

He said maybe if he’s not too busy we will hang out this week….before he goes to Mexico for a few weeks.




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