Professional success

I will say with all this personal disgrace and poor life choices dating wise, I am having a lot of professional success. My best art shows I’ve ever had.

I’m so jaded in my dating life. Just really at the bottom. In a future post, I may go into it more. But I currently carry two pepper sprays now because of an incident with a date two months ago. And I still date. I still online date. Even after that.

Chris Pratt came to my art show Friday night. No one’s done that since the set dresser in May. When the TSD came, he was hungover, sat at my booth on his phone, told me I was talking to loud to the shoppers and left before it was over because he felt sick.

When Chris Pratt came, he brought me food and drink. I had been texting him how tired I was starting to feel. Didn’t ask for food and drink but he knew it would hit the spot and picked it up on the way. Dang. Is this what being around a good guy is like?

After the show wrapped up, he walked me to my car and asked if we could have a beer together. It was really nice and I laughed so much with him. Our kisses that night were very sweet and soft. I really hope I get to see him again soon. He was the only person who texted me yesterday asking how my student’s holiday recitals went. A good number of guys I’m dating knew I was doing that yesterday but no one else asked about it.

My roommate says I should stop looking for love. That it will happen when I’m least looking for it. That I deserve a good guy. That’s a big deal coming from him. He’s the roommate that I don’t get along with often.


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