This blog has been graciously handed down to me by my best friend who created it during her own single times in the city of Atlanta. She is now in the most badass coupling I know. The two of them are in magazines for fucks sake.

After returning to the dating world after a four and half year relationship- the guy I first EVER met from online- tinder exists, snapchat, instagram.

Online dating sucks sometimes. I date too much maybe. Sometimes twice or three times in one day. I meet new people almost every couple of days. And you know what- it’s fun. I’m more confident about myself even though I certainly have huge self doubts once I start actually having those awful things called FEELINGS for one of these boys.

This blog will chronicle the ups and downs of my dating life of boys 21-39 years old since last summer. Yes, I said those ages. Some of that was NOT to my knowledge.

Here’s to the dick pics, the first kisses, the amazing dinners, the new bands I get turned onto, the creative energy I get from a beautiful boy.



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